Saturday, 8 November 2014

What can you see? Fall 2014

We are a group of JK and SK students from Mount Albert, Ontario sharing what we can see at our brand new school: Robert Munsch Public School! As a class we have been working hard to also be "bucket fillers" to each other and to our friends and family at school and at home everyday. By saying nice things to each other and making good choices to fill each other's buckets is something we continue to practice each and every day. 

We have also been learning about "Superheroes" and talking about how they help other people. Some of our friends have made connections to heroes in our community such as fire fighters and police officers and sharing their thinking around how they help our community. 

We would love to know what you think! We hope you enjoy our first "What can you see?" video that captures our fall changes around our school yard. We welcome comments, questions and connections to be added to our post below. 


  1. That's wonderful! We've watched it a few times now. Good work!

  2. We meet via Skype today and it was fun comparing our two schools. Here is a post about our call.
    Mrs. Harrison and Miss Sanders' K class