Sunday, 14 September 2014

Time To Get Started!

I have created a Google Doc. The names are of those who have indicated in the comment section of the first blog post that they are interested in joining in with the project. Please check the list and add/edit as necessary. If you are not on the list, you are still welcome to join in by either adding your name to the list, commenting or tweeting a member.

I am going out to take photos with my students this week. It is my hope to have a project posted in the next few weeks. We will need to think of ways to share the projects. We can post YouTube links, blog links or share via Dropbox. We honor your starting points and will help you find a way that works for your learning style.

Please keep in mind the confidentially of students. I have found it best to take photos without children's faces as well as keeping identifying street names and school names out of photos. Always check with your school and ensure you are following your digital policies.

Google Doc list

On behalf of Jocelyn and Heidi, we look forward to learning with you and your classes.

Angie Harrison

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