Friday, 24 October 2014

First book for sharing- We Can See Construction

Our community is changing again. Here is a video of what we can see on the edge of our schoolyard. One way we have helped this year is by raising money for the Terry Fox Run. Our class participated in the run and raised money for the Terry Fox Foundation . We have also learned how to be bucket fillers. We are trying to help others in our classroom and on the yard by saying kind things to each other.

We are now thinking of other ways to help others.  We would like to hear about what you see outside your school and how you are finding ways to help others.


  1. Hi Ms Harrison. Our class would love to post our I-Movie of what we can see around our schoolyard and out in our Outdoor Learning Environment. We are beginning to take some of these wonderings and create inquiries within the classroom. Our next step is to see how we can help in a meaningful way.
    Not sure how we can post our I-Movie so here's the link here. We also posted to your twitter account.
    JK and SKs of room 127
    Milliken Mills PS
    Kim Clark

  2. Dear Mrs. Harrison's class,

    We loved watching your "We Can See" book! Here are some connections and compliments we have and we hope to post our book this week!

    E.E.: We liked your builders and wonder what they are building.
    A.O.: We have a pond too!
    O.S.: "We have hills at our school too."
    C.L.: "We liked your questions."
    N.S.: "We liked how we gave you compliments and we hope you like our story."

    Here are some questions we have for you:

    E.E.: "What are the workers building?"
    C.L.: "I wonder why there are so many graders? (machine)"
    E.R.: "What are milkweeds?"

    We look forward to sharing how we are helping people too!

    Ms. Schmidt & Ms. Vieira's Kindergarten class

  3. Hi Ms. Harrison's,

    We really liked your movie about your school.

    We have a few questions for your class:
    What is a milkweed?
    Do you speak more than one language at school and at home?
    We speak English at school and Chinese,, Cantonese, Tamil, Mandarin at home.

    We noticed that we have flowers and red trees too.
    Ms. Clark and Ms. Liu's Kindergarten Class